exclusive holiday in sardinia

Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea

Sardinia – the second largest island in Italy, a famous resort and autonomous region. The island attracts tourists from all over the world. Rest in Sardinia, quite deservedly, can be called truly paradisiacal.

Active holidays in Sardinia

Travelers, who prefer active types of holidays will find an opportunity for diving and water surfing. A huge number of specialized centers offer tourists organized scuba diving. Moreover, lovers of the underwater world can get a special certificate to confirm their courageous participation in underwater adventures. As for the necessary equipment and the services of experienced instructors, both are available for a small fee.

Beaches of the island

The beaches of Sardinia, without false modesty, make up one fourth of the beaches of all Italy. Surprisingly white sand, crystal-clear sea, the exotic world of underwater inhabitants, underwater labyrinths of caves and excellent weather make a vacation in Sardinia tempting for tourists.

Sights of modern Sardinia

Excursions around the island will amaze and surprise tourists, even those spoiled by numerous trips to famous resorts. Here you can visit the ancient Roman city of Nora, make an exciting trip with a guide to Barumini, visit the island of Carlo Fort, get acquainted with the ancient nuragic civilization, go for a day to French Corsica, go fishing and much more. Besides undoubtedly unforgettable impressions you will get from walks along the picturesque routes of Sardinia in the mountains and by the sea, you will also take the memories of typical Italian dishes and fine wines back with you.


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