Holidays in Sardinia with children

Holidays in Sardinia with children

Many of you probably heard that rest in Sardinia is only for millionaires, stars and young fans of club life. This is not quite true. In Sardinia, you can have a great holiday with your family and friends, and neither children nor adults will get bored there for a single minute.

Holidays in Sardinia with children

Of course, those who go to rest with their families are primarily concerned about the safety of children. From this point of view, Sardinia, perhaps, is one of the most optimal destinations. Let me briefly explain the reasons for this statement.

Why vacation with a child is worth spending on the island:

  • Well-off people are the majority of tourists, therefore the crime rate is much lower.
  • Swimming is safe, as there are no sharks or other dangerous marine animals
  • It features the cleanest sea in Europe, you need not be afraid of getting infected by viruses
  • Many beaches with a gentle entrance and almost no high waves, which is very convenient for small children
  • The most beaches in Sardinia are sandy and environmentally friendly
  • The friendly local people respect children
  • Many water games and experienced instructors who will teach your child to swim
  • clean ecology, which means clean air and local productsIn addition, in Sardinia you will find many adventure parks, including water parks, which will make your holiday more interesting and full.

In the north:

a real paradise for children called Gregoryland,

Park water adventures of Hullurah or a park in Baja Sardinia
Aquarium in Cala Gonone
In the south: Pula Adventure Park

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