Tips for rental villas in Sardinia

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If you want to rent a villa in Sardinia and are thinking how to find the house of your dreams, we think you might need our advice:

1. Start a villa search in Sardinia on time

In general, the prices in Sardinia are quite high! Sardinia is a comparatively expensive proposition. For example, villas in Greece and Spain are somewhat cheaper and if you have decided to come to this wonderful island for the first time, be prepared to increase your usual budget for the Mediterranean. The higher price is actually manageable, it filters out some tourists and, thus, there are fewer pickpockets and overcrowding (except for the business of the beaches in August, because this month there are Italians on vacation and many which have real estate on the island and not only, come here on vacation).

This option is exclusive and prestigious, and after arriving in Sardinia, you will understand that the best sea in Europe is here. Many rich people from around the world buy villas on the trendy Costa Smeralda and other parts of Sardinia.

Sardinia is an ecologically pristine island. It was built in the 60s and now the construction of new real estate is practically suspended. Villas in Sardinia are few in number, so it is very important to look for option in advance, for a year or at least 6 months in advance, otherwise you will choose from the remnants. Of course, you can be born under a lucky star and hope for a successful last minutes, or you can already be here on vacation, look for a villa for the next year. In our opinion, this is the most wise decision, as you choose personally and do not go wrong. You will not lose much time searching for and making decisions and will have the maximum possible choice of options.

2. How not to buy a “pig in a poke”

Recently, the use of various portals, such as and airbnb, is common practice. The so-called “do it yourself” or “buy a pig in a poke”. Of course, you can use them, but it’s always like a game of roulette. It often happens that the house may not match the description or photos, or there are scammers that disappear after your payment. Operators of these sites, as a rule, do not particularly seek to eliminate any of your problems and will direct you to the owner to resolve any issues. The choice of exclusive villas on that portals is rather limited and is mainly designed for a budget client for which the most important factor is price, not the quality of service.
For instance, say everything is fine with the house and you are able to check in. Do not forget that there is nobody to take responsibility for any issues that may arise. There is no agency that provides guarantees and signs the contract with you. In the case of difficult situations, you are on your own. All is well as long as it goes well. But in case of problems, tourists are often forced to seek a solution themselves.

The importance of reputation, quality work selecting the ideal option for you, support during the holidays and honest prices are core features of a good real estate agency. No wonder there is a proverb “miser pays twice”, saving, often customers overpay with their nerves and spoiled rest.

3. How to rent “a piece” of the Sardinian Sea


One of the most important factors determining the price of rent is the distance from the sea. The closer the villa to the beach, the more expensive it is (for obvious reasons). And so owning a treasured private beach means paying an additional price. After all, you are practically renting a piece of the sea!

4. How much it costs or why September is not August!

As in any tourist destination, the season is an important factor in cost. The highest prices in August, when, for example, in September, the same proposals can be half the price. If there is an opportunity to move your holiday to a different season, you also benefit from the fact that the beaches are more deserted and in general everything is much calmer.

Further, of course, the price is affected by the number of bedrooms and the size of the villa. This determines the proposed choice. If you can arrange 3 bedrooms instead of 5, then you can really save on renting and you will be offered a much wider choice of options.

It’s no secret that the Costa Smeralda area is considered the most prestigious and expensive. Approaching it, prices are rising, such popular towns as Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo are the favorite resorts. Here, the average rent of a luxury villa for a month can be from 50,000 to 400,000 euros.

As far as modern repair and the general condition of the villa, the house is divided into parts or given up entirely, whether it has a swimming pool, how close the infrastructure is, how compliant the owner is in price – these and other factors also affect the cost.

5. Do not stay at the “broken trough”

Probably, at last, I would like to give one more tip. Do not try to go over all the sites and all agencies to find your best option. As practice shows, this approach leaves a broken trough. Your task is to choose a house for your comfortable stay and quality rest, not build a spaceship. Relax and trust one, at most two agencies and we are sure you can find a villa for your unique holiday on the island.

Have a good choice and look forward to seeing you in sunny Sardinia!

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