Exclusive villas for rent in Sardinia

Why rent a villa in Sardinia?

Do you dream of a carefree holiday in Sardinia? Do you just want to plunge into the sea, enjoy the sun and relax your own way? We offer you an exclusive, unforgettable vacation in a private villa! Now you can relax with the comfort with your large family or with your friends and enjoy the real, bright and beautiful Sardinia just the way you want it!

Rest on your own rules!

Rid yourself of the stereotyped hotels all-inclusive, the same type rooms do not allow you to enjoy the identity of this fabulous island. You will have a luxurious villa with a private pool, with many rooms for each guest and unforgettable views from the large terrace. You will be independent from respect to the hotels time table, and above all you will not be disturbed by noisy neighbors. In a word, live by your own rules! Enjoy the extraordinary nature of beautiful Sardinia, rest on your own schedule and absorb all the benefits that this magnificent island gives!

The main advantages of a holiday in a private villa

There are only you and your desires! This is a unique opportunity to relax with maximum comfort and privacy. You are independent in all your preferences and are not tied to the rules that hotels impose.

The obvious difference in price allows you to talk about the profitability of renting villas by the sea! Yes, an unsurpassed vacation in a private villa can be even cheaper than a hotel room! Rent a villa with a swimming pool in Sardinia for large company can be 4-5 times less expensive than a room in a hotel. For example…If the hotel starting at 4 stars offers superior rooms (suite) between 2 and 3 thousand euros per day, then a chic villa for a large family or a friendly company will cost you from 10 to 25 thousand euros per week, that is, only 200-450 euros per person! An unprecedentedly low price for an exclusive holiday of the highest level!
You can enjoy a cheerful company of your friends or parents, cook barbecues in the open air, organize joint lunches and dinners and enjoy communication with each other in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, far from conventions and other people’s eyes.
Renting a private villa in Sardinia will allow you to feel the identity of this island, plunge into the culture and traditions of the Sardinian people, and live for a while like the locals. Hotels, which have identical rooms, do not allow you to enjoy the true life of the local population. Accommodation at the hotel blurs the boundaries between cities and countries and separates you from local culture and traditions.
In addition to the above advantages of luxury vacation in a leased villa by the sea, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of additional services


It features on request a personal chef who will cook delicious Mediterranean cuisine for you and your family, introduce you to the local culinary traditions and create comfortable, luxurious full lunches or dinners.

For those who want to enjoy a relaxing massage or enjoy SPA treatments while breathing in warm sea air, there are ample opportunities. You can call a massage therapist or beautician on a private villa and get an unearthly pleasure that will charge you with energy and strength for the whole day!
We can also organize private yoga classes for you, which will unite the whole company for a pleasant, energizing activity.
There’s something for the kids, too! You can order the services of a personal swimming coach, which will allow children to spend time in the villa with great pleasure and invaluable health benefits.

If you decide to celebrate a luxurious birthday, a wedding or another significant day in your life at a private villa near the sea, then we will happily organize a dream holiday, which will forever remain in your memory a pleasant, warm memory.

Renting a private villa will open for you a completely new type of holiday, one you’ve been dreaming of. This is another level of happiness, this is a completely different world of bliss and luxury. It’s comfortable and convenient. And it is always indescribably beautiful!

Ready to start planning your holiday?

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